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The Doctors Pocket Calorie, Fat and Carb Counter

Low carb diet book fat and carb counter

Paperback. 302 pages

Publisher. Allan Borushek andamp. Associates (November 8, 2004)

Language. English

ISBN. 1930448090

Book Fat and Carb Counter

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

I love this book, and I dont leave home without it. If you like to eat out, or eat ethnic foods and still watch your calorie intake, you need this book. It has more fast food places and restaurants than any other calorie counter that I have seen. I was able to improve my weight loss success using the Calorie Fat andamp. Carb Counter because I was able to find all the foods that I like to eat, and record the calories in my dieting journal.

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

This book is absolutely the best all around calorie counter on the market. Not only does it give you calorie counts, but it also doubles as a fat and carbohydrate counter as well. Thorough, complete, and well laid out, I give it five stars easy. Also compatible with this book is The No-Beach, No-Zone, No-Nonsense Weight Loss Plan, A Pocket Guide To What Works.

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

What this book is not. An exhaustive list of nutritional counts for every food. While it is not a diet book, there is some diet and diabetes information, although this is not the point of the book(and it does not recognize low carbing)

What this book IS. A very good small sized manual containing calories, fat and carbs with an emphasis on restarunts and prepared food.

This would be a great book to keep in purse or pocket for eating out. If you are looking for an exhuastive manual of nutrition for every possible food(IE for home reference) you should look elsewhere (including the execellent USDA websight).

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

I just started trying to lose weight and eat healthy two weeks ago, and Ive already lost 12 pounds. I borrowed this book from my grandmother, who also lost a lot of weight, and I use it every day. The book helps you control your portions so youre not over eating. And I love the charts, because they allow you to set your own weight loss goals. If you want to continue to eat your favorite foods, and still lose weight.....buy this book.

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

I was in the store looking for the Atkins carb-counter booklet. I stumbled upon this brightly colored booklet--what a find. Its colorful, has all the carb counts Atkins does, and more. It also gives calories and fat counts, nutrition information, and added health tips. Although not everything advocated in this booklet fits with the Atkins approach (which Im using) I still found that the book is more useful. Its more complete, easier to use, easier on the eyes (larger print and clearer fonts), and more up to date, having been published just this year. Another big plus is that although this book probably contains at least double the information found in Atkins counter, it is still compact.

Some minor complaints. some of the information does seem a bit dated, and the author clearly does not buy into the low-carb diets that many are using his book for. Also, the cover may drive some people away, because of its gaudiness (the author wearing a crown) and the stereotypical diet claim Americas Best.

Bottom line. Once inside this booklet the loudiness dissipates. Knowledge is presented such that the reader can adapt it to Atkins, to traditional low-fat or low-cal approaches, as well as to diabetic and low-sodium diets. Those who eat out will find plenty of restaurant charts. This is a Calorie/Fat/Carbohydrate pocket counter on steroids. Best of all, the is only about USD1 more than the very streamlined alternatives.

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

Each year I look forward to getting the new updated edition of this book. It has calorie, fat andamp. carb counts for the newest supermarket products and fast-food menus, along with listings for every food imaginable. I even found counts for deep-fried Twinkies in my 2005 copy. Im amazed so much information can be packed into a 4x6 book I can tuck in my purse. Makes it handy to stay on track with weight management.

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

You definitely should have a good book of caloric values. Although there are little calorie booklets at the grocery checkout counter, I urge you just once to spend a small amount for a complete guide that will help you in many ways. I recommend for you the book Irecently bought, The Doctors Pocket Calorie, Fat andamp. Carbohydrate Counter, by Allan Borushek....Youll find it easy to look up the caloric content of every food you eat--which is exactly what you need to do to succeed.... Perhaps its best feature, which puts it ahead of most books in this field, is its very complete listing of fast food chains and restaurants--101 of them. Would you have guessed that there were that many
This endorsement comes from TOUGH TALK ABOUT FAT. HOW TO REACH AND MAINTAIN YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT, a new book by William B. Parsons Jr., which is the only book anyone needs for a slim-trim future. It says, Dont go on a diet. Instead, take charge of your life and stay in charge. It doesnt scold a reader for being fat. it tells him to GET TOUGH with that excess fat and get rid of it--all of it. Then it tells WHY (heart attacks, diabetes, and wearing out your weight-bearing joints). It tells HOW (reduce your current intake of calories by 500-700 calories a day, thus losing 4-6 pounds every month--or more, if you can reduce your intake more. It works like your bank balance.
TOUGH TALK ABOUT FAT. recommended Allan Borusheks book so highly that I bought it and was even more impressed by its completeness, ease of looking up food items, and its compact (pocket or purse) size. The reader who needs to lose weight will find his/her life changed by these two books, selling for a total of less than USD20. I highly recommend this combination.

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

I have been using calorie counting books for years and this is by far the best and most comprehensive I have ever seen. It includes 170 fast-food chains, many of which you would never find in other calorie books. It also has a very useful index in the back, so you can find items very quickly and the book is small enough to fit easily in a purse. Very highly recommended.

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

These little books are so handy to have around if you want to eat out and still watch what you eat. I have had the 2002 and 2003 books and they are so good to have. If you are single and eat out a lot, if you are a college student who cant cook or just dont have time but you want to have some control of how much fat or calories you are eating this is the book for you. This book has just about every fast food place you can think of plus a ton of restaurants and just everyday food items. It breaks down fat, calories, carbs, protein, and many more for you, for just about everything you can imagine.
Want to go to Burger King or McDonalds, or even Taco Bell but you dont want to ingest 10,000 calories and 700 grams of fat this is the book you should have. It will tell you everything you want to know about every item on the menu (unless the item is brand new) so that you can make a smart decision about what to eat. Things like instead of getting a Whopper that has like 48 grams of fat in ONE sandwich, you will see you can get the chicken sandwich with no mayo for on 8 grams of fat. A much better choice. Or you go by carbs if you are watching them or just by protein, calories, or all of them. You can finally eat healthy or low fat (to the best of your ability, this is fast food) and still eat out. If you are someone who has just always wondered about how many calories are in a taco or someone who counts them everyday this is a book you should pick up for sure.

Review of Book Fat and Carb Counter

Last year I was diagnosed as a diabetic. While not an extreme case I still needed to start watching my carbs and weight. The problem is while watching your carbs and fat is easy at home, its extremely difficult to do so while traveling. My wife and I went on a long trip last summer driving across a good chunk of the US. We were afraid my new diatary needs might spoil the trip a bit. I mean who wants to spend the whole time on vacation worrying about what youre going to eat all the time This book allowed me to be able to stay within my carb and fat limits even when eating at places like McDonalds, Burger King or your average roadside diner.

The book has a ton of practical applications for someone trying to watch their calories, fat or carbs.

One last thing. Do not let the word pocket make you shy away from this book. Yeah, it can fit in your pocket but I looked through a number of full sized nutritional guides before finding this one and none of the USD30 books has as much information and especially practical information as this book.

title change. The 2005 Doctors Pocket Calorie, Fat andamp. Carb Counter with 200 Fast-food restaurants

About the Author
Allan Borushek is a dietitian and biochemist with over 25 years experience in clinical dietetics, community health education, and lecturing. His special interests include.
the prevention and treatment of obesity, heart disease, diabetes
senior health and anti-aging
nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants