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Bahamian Diet Formula

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Dick Gregorys Slim Safe Bahamian Diet is based on the latest clinical research which emphasize a low fat, low calorie diet.

Bahamian Diet Formula
A low fat, low calorie diet is recommended by leading medical authorities and institutions such as the American Heart Association, the National Academy of Sciences and the American Cancer Society. The Bahamian Diet formula is a scientific and technological breakthrough, incorporating all elements necessary for a medically proven weight loss program into a delicious, nutritious low calorie drink. It is safe, healthy, and nutritionally-balanced. The Bahamian Diet provides a balanced source of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Review of Bahamian Diet Formula

When I was experiencing a dairy intolerance I tried this diet which is mixed with fruit juice instead of milk. It was wonderful in that I was not hungry all the time, my digestion stayed regular and all I had to do was take a scoop of it anywhere and ask for a glass of fruit juice and I was taken care of. I lost about 40 pounds and didnt even want to go off the diet. It supples all the nutrients you need and tastes good.

Protein (15 g), Sugars (1 g), Dietary Fiber (1 g), Total Carbohydrate (2 g), Potassium (330 mg), Sodium (115 g), Cholesterol, Saturated Fat, Total Fat (2 g), Calories (90 -)

Add one scoop of the Bahamian Diet drink mix into a glass containing 8 ounces of fruit juice. Pour into a blender, add 2-4 ice cubes and blend for optimal taste The Bahamian Diet can also be mixed easily with juice in a shaker or, if necessary, stir briskly in the glass. Three servings per day provide all the vitamins and minerals considered to be essential in human nutrition and required daily for health. It also